Victory Garden

In Victory Garden each player owns a homestead in the rural United States during 1942. By rolling dice you will choose an area of your homestead for you and your neighbor to work in.

Each round has two phases. In the work phase, you will roll dice to select areas of your homestead in which to build features that improve your ability to grow vegetables, canned goods, cultivate plants, collect water, and raise livestock. In the market phase, you will use your resources to contribute to community events or make delicious authentic recipes. If either of these doesn’t appeal, you can collect free goods from the community market to aid you in later rounds.

By fully cultivating an area of your homestead, stockpiling your goods for the troubled times ahead, utilizing your harvest to make a recipe or contributing to events, you will earn prestige trophies and victory points.

The player with the most prestige points at the end of the game is the winner.

Are you ready to dig your way to victory?

Victory Garden is a light roll/flip-and-write game, designed for ages 12+.  The game involves dice drafting and resource management.

Designed by Adam Hnatkovich and Ian Mercer