Regenerate! was designed and developed in collaboration with the Land Art Generator and Fly Ranch Project.

Regenerate! is a cooperative board game that teaches players about regenerative land management, sustainable development, and systems thinking.

The game is played over 20 Rounds during which teams design and deploy Projects that allow them to gain resources (Water, Energy, Food, and Capital) and score points with the Community. All resources must be managed efficiently and Community Score is used to assess the team’s performance at the end of the game.

Maintain regenerative conditions at Fly Ranch as you strategically develop the land, engage with the community, and manage natural and anthropogenic disturbances.

Dream! Design! Deploy!


Regenerate! is ready to ship! Please contact for your free copy. We will provide an updated ruleset for faster game play!
Regenerate! is free to educators and community groups with an interest in STEM education. Please contact Adam ( for more details.