Designed and developed in collaboration with the Land Art Generator.

In this tiny corner of your world you’ll work and play with Neighbors while becoming a Master Grower. With each turn of the game you will build new features that will eventually yield a multiplying harvest of Resources. Share with Neighbors, support community events, and learn from Master Growers as you earn Victory Points along the way. Each player creates a unique horticultural space (their own Kleingarten!) where they harvest energy and water, grow a variety of plants, and raise small animals.

Kleingarten is a competitive roll-and-write about sustainable horticulture. Over 12 rounds, each player will recruit volunteers, work in their garden, install renewable energy, harvest resources, and share with neighbors. Players are rewarded with victory points for helping to meet the needs of their community, hosting events, expert gardening, and saving resources. The game is part of LAGI 2022 Mannheim, the Land Art Generator design competition in partnership with BUGA 23, the German Federal Horticulture Show.

Dual language English/German.