Leave the surface world behind, join us in the deep.

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At Tunnel Monster Collective, we create thematically rich games and media with a focus on storytelling and worldbuilding. We use intuitive mechanics that provide immersive gameplay, and that encourage players to create and explore their own fantastic stories.

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Descend into the insanity of our creative process. Bring a head-lamp, and snacks for everybody.

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Tunnel Monster Collective banded together in 2019 around a shared desire for collaborative storytelling. We are based in the perennial city of bridges and tunnels, Pittsburgh, PA, and get really excited about the hundreds of bizarre local legends and unique moments in our areaโ€™s history. Leave the surface world, join us here in the deep.

Adam M. Hnatkovichs headshot - words read "Tunnel Monster Collective

Adam M. Hnatkovich

Operations Manager / Game Designer

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Ian Darwin

Communications Manager

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Leo Kowalski

Game Designer

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Dave Knee

Game Designer


At Tunnel Monster Collective, we are eager to partner with community groups, education professionals, and businesses to create unique content that inspires creativity and stimulates critical thinking. We have a passion for education, and experience in education program design, implementation, and community engagement.

Our diverse professional experience allows our company to develop deep, thematic experiences that enhance learning, and we are eager to build new partnerships in our local community and beyond! Contact us for more information.


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